Black JIB Card - Manager

What is a Black (Plumbing Manager) JIB Card?

The Black (Plumbing Manager) JIB card is intended for highly experienced, management-level professionals on the worksite. They are responsible for the work, health and safety of large numbers of workers, and have had the professional and health and safety training necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

What qualifications will I need?

There are two ways to gain a Black (Plumbing Manager) JIB Card certification.

Option one (qualification) requires you to have all of the following:

  • Passed the Managerial & Professional CITB Health & Safety test
  • Qualified for your NVQ or SVQ Level 4 in a plumbing-related field

Option 2 (experience) requires:

  • Only two endorsements from employers and/or clients.
  • Passed the Managerial & Professional CITB Health & Safety test

How long is the certification valid?

The Black (Plumbing Manager) Card is valid for five years and can be renewed.

What is the next step?

This is the highest level JIB certification available. Those managers who wish advance from their Black (Manager) JIB card may wish to seek higher NVQ or SVQ levels.

Last updated: Monday 12 February 2018 09:22:20

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