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Basic Safety Measures to take on a Construction Site

Construction sites are dangerous places. Statistics show that, on average, a person is killed every four days and hundreds are injured. More worryingly, if you work in the construction industry for twenty years, you have a one in two chance of being injured. It might not happen of course and even if it it does,… Read More »

Everything you need to know about Method Statements

A Method Statement is a key part of the development of larger construction projects. The Method Statement details how a particular task or activity will be carried out, referring to CDM regulations and it forms part of the health and safety documentation compiled as part of a project. The Method Statement should detail the dangers… Read More »

What is the Construction NEBOSH?

What is NEBOSH? NEBOSH is the National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety. Formed in 1979 it is an independent examining board and awarding body covering the construction industry and operates as a charity. NEBOSH provides globally recognised qualification that meet health and safety environmental and risk management in both the public and private… Read More »

Health and Safety Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines protect staff at work. Relating to the construction industry, they help reduce risk of death and serious injury by providing a series of legislation to ensure work is delivered in a safe environment. Health and Safety Guidelines are the responsibility of all people on site including employees, casual staff, part-time workers,… Read More »

Safeguarding Employees with Method Statements

Construction site accidents generally happen because someone does something wrong. Method statements are therefore produced to set out how jobs are to be undertaken. This should not only ensure they’re done more efficiently but should also mean mistakes are avoided and accidents are reduced as a result Employers are becoming increasingly safety-conscious, as well as… Read More »

How the SAFEContractor Scheme made themselves a one stop shop for contractors

Health and Safety legislation has transformed the working conditions for employees across the country. From manufacturing to construction, import, export and public services the legislation keeps each worker out of harm’s way, instilling on every individual a recognition of their own responsibility in making each workplace safe and streamlined. For contractors it is even more… Read More »

UK Construction Industry Regulators – Part III

While the bodies listed above each cater to a broad spectrum of construction professionals, there are those that are more focused on a particular trade. These include: Architects Registration Board The ARB not only protects the consumer by ensuring that the quality of registered architects is up to par, but they also safeguard the reputation… Read More »

UK Construction Industry Regulators – Part II

The following are organizations that have oversight of the construction industry at some level but that are not necessary members of or represented on the CSCS Card board. Considerate Constructors Scheme Devotes its resources toward improving the image of the construction industry. By encouraging members through voluntary codes of practice to minimize disruption and disturbance… Read More »

UK Construction Industry Regulators – Part I

Given its position as the country’s largest employer, it is probably not surprising that the UK construction industry falls under the oversight of a number of bodies. Some regulators have general oversight on the industry while others are restricted to a number of specialty trades such as engineers and architects. The following are regulators that… Read More »