UK Construction Industry Regulators – Part II

By | August 19, 2011

uk construction industry regulator 2 The following are organizations that have oversight of the construction industry at some level but that are not necessary members of or represented on the CSCS Card board.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

Devotes its resources toward improving the image of the construction industry.

By encouraging members through voluntary codes of practice to minimize disruption and disturbance caused by dust, noise, congestion and traffic occasioned by construction work, CCS is at the forefront of showing that the construction professionals are sensitive and respectful members of the wider public.
CCS is a not for profit that solely relies on registration fees to meet its financial obligations.


Constructionline manages the largest database for pre-qualified consultants and contractors in the UK construction industry. By vetting all consultants and contractors on its database to ensure they meet the standards for applying for standard government or private sector tenders, Constructionline substantially chops off one tedious process in the tender application process for participating construction service buyers. Construction is a PPP (Public Private Partnership) that brings together the UK’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills and Capita, a private organization.

Local Authority Building Control

LABC represents its membership of building control departments at the local authority level in Wales and England.

Carpentry Job Its core objectives are to promote the design and building of accessible, sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly structures in compliance with local and national building regulations. In this respect, LABC serves both building constructors and the building’s users.

National Federation of Builders

The NFB formulates and disseminates solutions to its membership of house builders and contractors spread across Wales and England. The NFB’s services ensure members can focus their money, time and energies to their core construction activities without the risk of ‘dropping the ball’ in their important but non-core activities. The NFB has a division – the House Builders Association (HBA) – that focuses more on small and medium sized firms in the house building industry.

Builders Merchants Federation

BMF assists builders merchants (wholesale building material distributors) with the advice and support they require to manage their businesses competitively. The federation also provides training for suppliers, distributors and merchants covering the entire job ladder – from fresh school leavers to the national directors of the largest distributors.