UK Construction Industry Regulators – Part I

By | August 19, 2011

uk construction industry regulators 1 Given its position as the country’s largest employer, it is probably not surprising that the UK construction industry falls under the oversight of a number of bodies.

Some regulators have general oversight on the industry while others are restricted to a number of specialty trades such as engineers and architects. The following are regulators that are either members of or represented on the CSCS Card board:

Construction Skills
Formerly known as the CITB, Construction Skills is the statutory board that oversees construction industry training. The body responsible for developing CSCS test and issuing CSCS cards aims to improve the standards, safety and professionalism in the construction industry.

UK Contractors Group
The UKCG is a body that represents 30 of the largest construction firms in the UK. Its membership carries out more than £36 billion in construction projects per annum – a third of the entire industry. Not only does UKCG protect the interests of its members and the industry, but it also works with other relevant bodies to ensure the standards of construction work are continuously improved.

Construction Industry Council
Founded in 1988, the CIC is the biggest pan-industry organization involved in every aspect of the construction environment. It has more than 500,000 individual members and 25,000 construction companies.

National Specialist Contractors Council
The NSCC is the voice of specialist contractors in the UK. The council provides service to its members that will ensure they are well positioned to deliver integrated, best value and quality service to their clients.

Federation of Master Builders
The FMB was originally established in the 1940s as a trade association to safeguard the interests of smaller and medium sized construction firms. Today, the FMB is the largest construction trade association in the UK boasting over 11,000 verified members. The federation provides support to members in a variety of ways including professional advice and business services that can save them both money and time. FMB is not affiliated to the government and is registered as a non-profit.

Construction Clients Group
Construction GroupThe CCG is a dedicated organization that fronts the interests of both public and private clients of the construction industry in order to push for higher standards of practice and better legislation.