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How Qualifications and Experience Affect the Type of CSCS Card You are Awarded

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is designed to be an accurate reflection of your industry relevant skills, experience and qualifications. The system was designed in the mid 1990s and came to prominence when a Government Review in the early 2000s deemed it the best way to meaningfully compare levels of skill and competence across the… Read More »

Why is the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test Necessary?

The CSCS Test is used by the construction and demolition industries (as well as all their associated partners, like geology firms, surveying companies and even academics who need access to sites) to provide an incontrovertible way of tracking the competence of all site personnel. In terms of health and safety, that means knowing that every… Read More »

Issues in Construction Recruitment

To a reasonable degree, the issues that used to exist in construction recruitment have been taken away by the widespread uptake of the CSCS and its colour coded cards. Historically construction recruitment was difficult from quality control and health and safety viewpoints. With no way of measuring the experience of a new employee, construction employers… Read More »

What is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme, or CSCS, is the industry standard measure of competence and health and safety knowledge. The CSCS Card, which is awarded to all construction site workers who have completed the relevant CSCS  Test, denotes the level of experience and qualification each worker has in his or her field: and acts as… Read More »