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Employing Construction Workers in London

Employing construction workers in London doesn’t have to be difficult. Construction Site Skills has widened its service provision to include an easy to use construction recruitment portal, which you can find on our website under “Services”. We’re uniquely placed to offer you ideal candidates – our position as a CSCS Test booking agent for London… Read More »

How to Find Work in Construction

The construction industry is uniquely structured. It comprises hundreds of different trades and job titles, which fall over a pretty wide variation in terms of overall job “types” – electrical engineering and all electrotechnical work, for example; or demolition; or heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Finding work in construction is made easier because the whole… Read More »

Issues in Construction Recruitment

To a reasonable degree, the issues that used to exist in construction recruitment have been taken away by the widespread uptake of the CSCS and its colour coded cards. Historically construction recruitment was difficult from quality control and health and safety viewpoints. With no way of measuring the experience of a new employee, construction employers… Read More »

How to Find New Employees in Construction

As an employer in construction you’ll be aware that your most valuable commodity is reputation. Construction companies and their affiliated contractors get work according to the perceived quality of their building work. It is of course the worker, the employees, who deliver that work. Without the right construction employees your company can’t provide the work… Read More »