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Special Arrangements within the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test

All UK construction workers need to take the CSCS Test to ensure that they get work: but not all UK construction workers speak the same first language, or have the same backgrounds. Candidates with special requirements are sometimes worried that their needs will prevent them from taking the CSCS Test. ConstructionSkills has made arrangements to… Read More »

How Qualifications and Experience Affect the Type of CSCS Card You are Awarded

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is designed to be an accurate reflection of your industry relevant skills, experience and qualifications. The system was designed in the mid 1990s and came to prominence when a Government Review in the early 2000s deemed it the best way to meaningfully compare levels of skill and competence across the… Read More »

Why is the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test Necessary?

The CSCS Test is used by the construction and demolition industries (as well as all their associated partners, like geology firms, surveying companies and even academics who need access to sites) to provide an incontrovertible way of tracking the competence of all site personnel. In terms of health and safety, that means knowing that every… Read More »

How to Find New Employees in Construction

As an employer in construction you’ll be aware that your most valuable commodity is reputation. Construction companies and their affiliated contractors get work according to the perceived quality of their building work. It is of course the worker, the employees, who deliver that work. Without the right construction employees your company can’t provide the work… Read More »

What is Necessary for a CSCS Card Application?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card lets potential employers know what you are qualified to do on a construction or demolition site. Since the Card has become an industry standard, with more than 80% of all UK building sites operating a “No Card, No Work” policy, attaining the right CSCS Card has become extremely important.… Read More »

Getting an Apprenticeship for a Skilled Trade

Many of the trades available in the construction industry are skilled, and are best learned through apprenticeship. Indeed, the traditional “way in” for most new employees in the construction trades is through apprenticeship, where most of the wage is paid in experience and qualification. Getting an apprenticeship in a skilled trade will give you the… Read More »