How the SAFEContractor Scheme made themselves a one stop shop for contractors

By | September 14, 2011

Health and Safety legislation has transformed the working conditions for employees across the country.

From manufacturing to construction, import, export and public services the legislation keeps each worker out of harm’s way, instilling on every individual a recognition of their own responsibility in making each workplace safe and streamlined.

For contractors it is even more important. While each company has a legal obligation to prove they comply with legislation, working in unfamiliar conditions increases the risk for contractors. New and prospective clients often ask for proof of competence and compliance of health and safety rules.

However for contractors, mandatory certification and proof of accreditation can be a costly and time consuming process. Signing up and filling forms for each bid and pitching process eats into valuable time, a real problem for self-employed contractors. Similarly for businesses, making sure each contractor has the right accreditation can make appointing a new individual or company a long and drawn out process.

SAFEContractor makes health and safety easy

Now in its eighth year, the SAFEContractor scheme has become one of the most popular third party health and safety accreditation schemes supporting over 150 clients with over 18,000 contractor members. With a client list including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury and Tesco, not only is it a one-stop shop for contractors who need to prove they comply with legislation but it is also an easy site for clients looking for the right contractors to hire.

It provides a quicker, simpler and more streamlined service for both sides.

Contractors fill out simple online forms

Instead of filling out forms for every prospective job, the SAFEContractor Scheme requires contractors to fill out an online form just once, providing the relevant documentation and information. The scheme even provides online feedback, highlighting any gaps for where further content is required before completing the process and providing a certificate.

Carpentry QualificationFor a fee, contractors can receive proof that they comply with health and safety legislation along with logos and stickers that can upload to their website or marketing material. They also receive access to insurance and legal advice.

Proving compliance and an understanding is a vital part of the job for a contractor, however it need not be a time-consuming and frustrating process. A one stop shop like SAFEContractor makes it easier to prove your commitment to legislation and will help you win work.