UK Construction Industry Regulators – Part III

By | August 19, 2011

uk construction industry regulator 3 While the bodies listed above each cater to a broad spectrum of construction professionals, there are those that are more focused on a particular trade. These include:

Architects Registration Board
The ARB not only protects the consumer by ensuring that the quality of registered architects is up to par, but they also safeguard the reputation of the industry as a whole.

A statutory body, the board maintains a publicly searchable online register of more than 30,000 architects who have met the set out standards of training, education and practice. The specific responsibilities of the ARB are defined in the Architects Act of 1997. The work of the ARB is itself checked by a 15 board, 7 of whom are architects with the rest as lay members.

Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors

As its name implies, the FPDC represents the interests of drywall and plastering contractors in the UK while promoting excellence, best practice and professionalism. FPDC members benefit from technical support, contracts advice, cash flow management tips and discounted professional insurance.

National Access and Scaffolding Confederation

national contractorsNASC is the recognized UK trade body responsible for scaffolding contractors. Members of NASC must pledge to adhere to strict scaffolding standards developed and regularly updated by the confederation.

Members are audited annually for compliance with the NASC standards as well as government or local legislation. So significant has membership to NASC become for scaffolding contractors that some main contractors nowadays insist on NASC membership before awarding a scaffolding job.

National Federation of Demolition Contractor

About 90% of demolitions in the UK each year are conducted by members of the NFDC. In existence for more than 60 years, the federation is dedicated to continually improving demolition processes through policing, monitoring and training for the benefit of demolition contractors, customers, government and the general public. The NFDC serves as the conduit for discussion and information flow between demolition contractors and other industry stakeholders.

National Federation of Roofing Contractors

The NFRC is the largest trade association for roofing contractors in the UK representing more than 60% of the industry value wise. NFRC proactively ensures its members deliver to the highest standards of workmanship through strict practice codes and regular on site inspections. Members assure clients of excellent service by providing warranties backed by comprehensive insurance.