Gold CSCS Card - Advanced Craft

Why get a CSCS card?

This advanced level card is intended for highly skilled workers within the construction industry.

Whether you’ve completed your apprenticeship or hold an advanced NVQ/SVQ certification, a Gold CSCS card will show employers that you have the competence you need to operate as a skilled worker.

Do I qualify?

Most people qualify for their Gold CSCS card by doing at least one of the following:

  • •Achieved a level 3 SVQ or NVQ in a construction related environment
  • Completing an indentured apprenticeship with an approved body, such as the BATJIC or NJCBI, etc.
  • Completed an employer sponsored apprenticeship which included the achievement of a City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Craft Certificate.

All attendees must already have passed the Health & Safety Test before applying for this card.

How long is it valid for?

This card is valid for five years and can be renewed.

What is the next step?

Many gold card holders seek higher NVQ or SVQ qualifications. If you become NVQ or SVQ qualified to level 4 or higher and gain sufficient work experience, you may attempt to earn your Gold (Supervisor) CSCS Card.

Last updated: Monday 12 February 2018 09:22:20

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