FAQ: Money & Tax Advice

By | October 1, 2012

How do I get a Tax Refund?

how get tax refundHM Revenue and Customs deal with all tax related issues and, depending on your circumstance, you should contact them if you want to make a claim. You can see how much tax you may be entitled to by using an online tax refund calculator.

How do I change my Tax Code?

You need to let HM Revenue and Customs straight away if you’re wanting to change your tax code as you may be paying too little or too much tax.

Am I eligible for a Tax Refund/Rebate?

You’re most likely to be eligible if you’re:

  • Self-employed working under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Leaving the country
  • On the wrong tax code
  • Paying expenses on work related items

How do I register as Self Employed?

It’s important to register with HM Revenue and Customs straight away otherwise you may incur penalties. You can register online where you’ll be asked to give details about you and your business.

Can I get a Tax Refund from Business Mileage?

tax refund business mileageYou may be entitled to tax relief on business mileage if you use vehicular transport for your work. You will need to keep all the relevant details of your fuel consumption and mileage if you think you’re eligible for this. The HMRC has lots of information on its website.

Can I claim back National Insurance?

You can claim back National Insurance (NI) if you have reached your pension age. In addition, there is a limit to how much NI you can pay each year – so always make sure you haven’t overpaid.

How can I get my P60/P45?

You can write a letter to a previous employer requesting a ‘statement of earnings’ and by law they should provide you with a P60 or P45.

When do I file my Tax Return?

If you’re sending your tax return by paper then it needs to be with the HMRC by midnight on 31 October. If you’re submitting it online the deadline is midnight on 31 January.