Available Construction NVQs

We currently provide on-site assessment for the following construction NVQs.

NVQ Level 1

Award/Qual. CodeQualification Name
AWD606Award in Multi craft Construction Activities
QUA856Construction Operations and Civil Engineering Services

NVQ Level 2

Award/Qual. CodeQualification Name
DIP060Bricklaying (Construction)
DIP074Building Maintenance, Multi-trade Repair and Refurbishment Operations
QUA913Building Maintenance, Multi-trade Repair and Refurbishment Operations
603/2355/3Cladding Occupations
QUD878Cladding Operations - Specialised Cladding &Rainscreen
DIP076Construction Operations - General Construction (Construction)
QUI857Construction Operations and Civil Engineering Services - Construction Operations (Construction) - General Construction
QUA827Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting Occupations (Construction) - Painter
QUA829Demolition (Construction)
QUA896External Wall Insulation - Boarder
QUC897External Wall Insulation - Boarder/Finisher
QUA908Fenestration Installation (Construction)
QUG839Fibrous Plastering (Basic)
QUH839Fibrous Plastering (Full)
QUA830Fitted Interiors (Construction)
DIP078Fitted Interiors (Construction)
QUA926Floorcovering Occupations (Construction)
QUA887Formwork (Construction)
QUA933Formwork (Formwork Carpenter)
QUB933Formwork (Formwork Erector and Striker)
QUG864In Situ Flooring (Screed)
QUB806Innovative/Modern Methods of Construction - Modular/Portable Building
DIP069Interior Systems (Construction)
QUA810Interior Systems (Construction) - Ceiling Fixing
QUD810Interior Systems (Construction) - Dry Lining Finishing
QUC810Interior Systems (Construction) - Dry Lining Fixing
QUF896Internal Insulation
QUD842Metal Roofing
DIP063Painting and Decorating (Construction)
DIP066Plastering (Construction)
QUE839Plastering (Construction) - Solid (Basic)
QUF839Plastering (Construction) - Solid (Full)
QUA823Reinforced Bitumen Membrane Roofing
QUC878Roof Sheeting &Cladding
DIP080Roof Slating and Tiling (Construction)
QUC842Roofing Occupations (Construction) - Roof Slater and Tiler
DIP057Site Carpentry (Construction)
QUE864Specialist Concrete Occupations - Concrete Drilling
600/3515/8Steelfixing Occupations (Construction)
QUI817Stonemasonry – Stone Cladding
QUA813Trowel Occupations (Construction)
QUA850Wall &Floor Tiling (Construction)
DIP075Wall and Floor Tiling (Construction)
QUB900Wood Occupations (Construction) - Architectural Joinery
QUC901Wood Occupations (Construction) - Shopfitting Bench Work
QUB901Wood Occupations (Construction) - Shopfitting Site Work
QUA900Wood Occupations (Construction) - Site Carpentry

NVQ Level 3

Award/Qual. CodeQualification Name
DIP061Bricklaying (Construction)
600/7813/3Building Services Engineering for Technicians
501/1115/2Civil Engineering for Technicians
QUG923Construction Contracting Operations - General
QUA828Decorative Finishing - Painting and Decorating (Construction) - Decorative Finishing
QUA888Formwork (Construction)
QUA903Occupational Work Supervision (Construction)
DIP064Painting and Decorating (Construction)
QUA840Plastering (Construction) - Solid
DIP067Plastering - Solid (Construction)
DIP058Site Carpentry (Construction)
QUA814Trowel Occupations (Construction)
QUA851Wall & Floor Tiling
DIP038Wall and Floor Tiling
QUB902Wood Occupations (Construction) - Architectural Joinery
QUA902Wood Occupations (Construction) - Site Carpentry

NVQ Level 4

Award/Qual. CodeQualification Name
QUA918Construction Site Supervision - Building and Civil Engineering
QUD918Construction Site Supervision - Conservation
QUE918Construction Site Supervision - Demolition
QUB918Construction Site Supervision - Highways &Maintenance Repair
QUC918Construction Site Supervision - Residential Development
QUF918Construction Site Supervision - Tunnelling
QUB919Controlling Lifting Operations - Supervising Lifts

NVQ Level 6

Award/Qual. CodeQualification Name
QUB925Construction Contracting Operations Management - Buying
QUA925Construction Contracting Operations Management - Estimating
QUE925Construction Contracting Operations Management - General
QUC925Construction Contracting Operations Management - Planning
QUD925Construction Contracting Operations Management - Quantity Surveying
QUA884Construction Site Management - Building and Civil Engineering
QUD884Construction Site Management - Conservation
QUE884Construction Site Management - Demolition
QUB884Construction Site Management - Highways and Maintenance Repair
QUC884Construction Site Management - Residential Development

NVQ Level 7

Award/Qual. CodeQualification Name
QUA890Construction Senior Management

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NVQ Level 2Blue CSCS Card
NVQ Level 3Gold CSCS Card
Site Supervisor NVQ L4Gold (Supervisor) CSCS Card
Site Manager NVQ L5+Black (Manager) CSCS Card

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